Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updates on the development process

The beginning of 2010 year was quite busy for the entire DataObjects.Net 4 team. One part of it headed with Alex Yakunin, has been busy with the late DataObjects.Net 4.1 release (which in fact still haven’t been shipped), the other has been working hard on the upcoming DataObjects.Net 4.2 release.

While other developers from the latter part have been working on full-text search, object-to-object mapper and other features from 4.2, personally I was working on highly demanded by customers SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 support. The work is already done, CE support related code was committed and is being tested by our CI server during the last 2 days. The feature is going to be included into 4.2 release. As for Sql Server CE, it has a huge number of restrictions and I’m going to list all of them in one of the future posts. To sum up, it can replace its big brother (Sql Server 2005/2008) only partially.

Speaking about the upcoming DO.Net 4.2 release, we are planning to make a stable Release Candidate at the end of the January (at the beginning of the February) and deliver DO.Net 4.2 final in the middle of the February, so stay tuned.

As for me, I’ve finished working on 4.2 branch and there is a high possibility that I’ll be busy during the next 2 or 3 months with another project, not connected with DataObjects.Net development at all. The project is going to be very complicated and, as it usually happens, has very limited time-frame, but I hope that my participation will help a lot/a bit. My role will be mainly as business analyst/system architecture. I’m preparing myself for working on endless Word documents, requirements, UML diagrams, precedents, etc. So wish me good luck. =)

However, if I have enough time I’ll keep on posting some regular notes on DO.Net development process.

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