Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Programming fonts

Recently, I’ve found an interesting post, where top 10 programming fonts are being compared. Every font is accompanied with comments and image of font in action. For example, one of my favorite ones, DejaVu Sans Mono looks like that:

Another one, which I also like and which is used in Android OS, is Droid Sans Mono:

The whole story is here. Hope you find there your new favorite programming font instead of boring Courier new and Consolas.


  1. Comic Sans is the best programming font ever! A. Lobov proved this!

  2. AFAIK, now he is using Webdings regular for programming purposes.

  3. Webdings regular is a good font only for assembly language programming... for regular apps you should always use comic sans at size of 48pt, color pink.

    I love using Calibri when working on my breadboards (

  4. Dear Anonymous...

    Wanted to ask, what fonts did you use on your punch cards?

    Just curious...

    1. Any of the ones with lots of characters know, like ⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕⎕...