Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A bit proud of myself

Sometimes it just happens =)

Recently, online banking service (, frontend part of which had been designed and developed by me & my colleagues, Yuri Kurzhumov & Dmitri Govoruhin, was highly valued and won the first place prize in online banking services contest held in Russia.


Although I don’t work for anymore, I am proud of the result and I’d like to congratulate all the staff from Information Technology Department of who participated in any way in creating, developing and maintaining the best national online banking service. My special congrats to: Alexey Vinogradov, Anna Mamaeva, Boris Dyakonov, Eugene Samoilov, Igor Karfidov, Olga Urchenko, Pavel Gushin, Sergei Vedeneev & Tatjana Talykova. Great work!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me on Google Buzz

Hello All,

here is my Google Buzz link:

I find it a bit more convenient than blog for sharing short ideas, publishing links to good articles and everything quick and small-sized.

Stay tuned! =)

Busy people versus effective people

The excellent essay “The cult of busy” by Scott Berkun about time, efficiency, busy people and everything. Don’t miss it.

It seems that it is rather easy nowadays to become extremely busy, but will you be efficient enough to sort out the problems? The answer is not so obvious and might surprise you.