Monday, January 18, 2010

A frank confession

Alex Ilyin lifts the curtain on terrifying details of DataObjects.Net 4 development process.


  1. "We are fond of our products but almost nobody else is."

    Who are "we" and "everyone else"? Xtensive vs. its customers? Or management vs developers?

    If you're talking about the former, then I completely disagree. 4.0 is something that I, as a customer, anticipate more than any other tool/technology we use. It is an incredible product.


    Agile development is more about small iterations vs. waterfall approach than it is about democracy vs. tyranny. The stakeholders (your customers and high-level team) prioritize a large backlog of outstanding tasks, pick which ones you will complete for the next 2-6 weeks, and design/develop/test the selected items.

    I don't see a difference in "democracy" between agile and waterfall approach. The triage is still done by higher-level people. The developers should still implement tasks using patterns that they've been taught.

  2. Hello Anonymous.

    In my opinion, the post was not about agile vs. waterfall approach at all.

    It is mostly about the attitude to the development team & process from company's owners. I mean the right to meddle in any part of the product at any stage of the process and to do whatever they like.