Friday, November 2, 2012

Visual Studio 2010, 2012 vs. Inconsolata font, part 3

Earlier, I promised to update the status of the fight "Visual Studio 2010 vs. Inconsolata" as soon as I have a chance to try the font in Visual Studio 2012. However, I noticed that the font has been updated also and the latest version of Inconsolata is available from September, 2012.

So first, I tried it in Visual Studio 2010, silently hoping that the troubles are gone. And yes, the extra boldness of some symbols is no more the case. Here is how it looks:

Inconsolata in Visual Studio 2010

After that I switched to Visual Studio 2012. No surprises, the font is rendered perfectly:

Inconsolata in Visual Studio 2012

So I guess, the confrontation is over. If you love Inconsolata font, just get its latest version from google code repository and enjoy!


  1. Hi, the links to google repository doesn't work. Is It possible to downloade it elsewhere?
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Tomas, try this one:

  2. Thanks, eventually it seems that Courier New, size 9 is my winner now ;)

  3. Ok, so you went all classic now =)