Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update on Envy project

Despite the fact that the initial post concerning Envy project was published on April, 1st, it was not a joke as you might thought. We really were going to deliver all that sort of stuff (standalone editor, plug-ins for various IDE and everything). But one thing has changed. I am very pleased to announce that TytanNet project came back to life and its author is going to continue his work on this excellent product. But how such a good bit of news might influence Envy?

It is rather obvious. As me & Denis were thinking that TytanNet is being supported no more and that there was no any chance that it would be updated to meet Visual Studio 2010’s plug-in infrastructure requirements, we decided to develop a version of Envy which could be plugged-in to various IDEs such as Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, etc. As far as the necessity of such sort of plug-ins is no more actual (TytanNet has its own powerful environment editor), we can concentrate on standalone application which is intended to replace standard Windows environment variable editor.

To be honest, the main goal of the project is a temptation to combine the idea of getting more familiar with new technologies such as WPF, MVVM, etc., with development of a simple but useful application, at least for us or may be anyone else also.

In case you still doubt that I am sincere, here is the link to the repository.

Here is a blueprint of the main window:


As you might noticed, it is rather simple and straightforward. Add/Remove, in-place editing, apply or discard, nothing special.

BTW, thanks to Kenny Kerr for his excellent window clipping tool.

I’ll write more on Envy development in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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