Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google URL shortener for everyone

The above-mentioned Google service is definitely useful, especially for long URLs, but it has one big disadvantage, at least for those who prefer any browser other than Google Chrome and don’t want Google toolbar to be installed. Not a nice strategy for such web service-oriented company, I suppose.

Luckily, there is an alternative way to get your URLs shortened with the Google URL shortener. It doesn’t require any software to be installed, it is no more than a simple web page:

Note, that the project is not affiliated with Google.


  1. The best way to shorten url is <a href="">link/a>

    Quotation from
    The core goals of this service are:
    1) Stability – ensuring that the service has very good uptime
    2) Security – protecting users from malware and phishing pages
    3) Speed – fast resolution of short URLs

    Real link is always more stable than redirect. So 1) is just tautological statement and 3) is the same.

  2. I totally agree, I just wanted to emphasize that there could be an alternative to the case when you have to install Google browser (Chrome) or Google toolbar in order to get access to the service. That's it.

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