Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DataObjects.Net goes to Google Code

Great news!

DataObjects.Net v4 moved to the public Mercurial-based repository. From this moment anyone can join the project and participate, and even build his own DataObjects.Net version. Why not? It is so easy. I bet that Alex is going to write a post in his blog describing how to check out the source code and build your own local copy of DataObjects.Net v4.

In the update list you can might that the major part of DataObjects.Net team except one or two developers works mainly on manual and manual-related tasks. This part has the highest priority for now. And this work is not hidden anymore, anyone can browse the repository, see the overall progress and read the manual even if it is not completed yet. Here is the link to Manual folder. Check it out and begin to read. Every help, suggestions, every found mistake is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

BTW, maintaining the source code in public repository, we can exclude the source code from the future DataObjects.Net installers.


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